My fellow Europeans

‘Europe’, our Fatherland, the cradle and Parthenon of Western Society.’
– Stefan Zweig –

My fellow Europeans,

Our European society stands at a cross point. We face multiple challenges: a migration crisis, an enduring economic crisis in Southern Europe, systematic destruction of democracy in Eastern Europe and, above all, an identity crisis. What is Europe? Why is Europe important? What unites us as Europeans?

In The World of Yesterday: Memories of a European, Stefan Zweig once proudly described Europe, in which he grew up and flourished as writer and intellectual, with the words above. Today however, one will find it difficult to find such pride for our continent. Resentment and scepticism increasingly dominate the public mood.

My fellow Europeans, it is time to revive Europe! It is time to build a Europe of cooperation instead of competition. It is time to co-create a diverse, but inclusive Europe. It is time to convert Zweig’s memoires into The World of Tomorrow – visions of Europeans. Because if we neglect to pass on our collective European heritage and our deep rooted, European consciousness to the next generation, Europe will degenerate culturally, socially and economically. In the light of recent European history, this would be a pour prospect.
My fellow Europeans, to create a Europe worth passing on to the generations to come, we founded the Congress of Europe: a growing, pan-European network of people dedicated to laying a new, strong foundation for our European society. I must admit, it is a daring project, with great challenges. Therefore we would like to ask for your support. If you also believe in our cause, please support us with a donation here. Your help is much appreciated!

For more information on Congress of Europe project, we welcome you to visit Please feel free to spread this message throughout your network.

Faithfully yours,

Victor Broers
Founder of the Congress of Europe